2015 Beach Seminar

2015 Beach Seminar group photo

Saturday, September 12 dawned hazy and chilly, but that didn’t deter the martial artists intent on training at Pope Beach for the 7th Annual FMA Beach Seminar.

Many came from the Bay area and Lake Tahoe, but one intrepid traveler came all the way from Massachusetts and one from the Las Vegas vicinity. The attendees were a mix of skill levels, from first-day beginners to advanced arnisadors and escrimadors.

After introductions, GM Rick Manglinong started everyone off with warmup sinawalis then block/counter and block/check/counter drills. Jobu Cordoba shared drills integrating Kombatan Techniques 1-4 with solo baston sinawali. GM Michael Giron worked the group with knife and sword drills to control and destroy. We were treated to a Wing Chun and Chi Sau demonstration by Cesar Julaton and his daughter, Kim.

We shared lunch and got to know each other. Stories and techniques were shared. Some of us even got our aches and pains relieved by a saintly fellow skilled in the massage and accupressure arts (thank you, José Tapia!)

Days like this are a treasure. Thank you to everyone who made the journey, and thank you to all who shared!